Birthday Girl ♥ The in-between age.

Today is my Birthday woohoo! Most of us here love celebrating birthdays with a cocktail or two. Who else loves sharing a couple of cocktails and a cheese platter with friends?
Believe me turning 22 is somewhat exciting for me. 

Why? Adulthood feels like a new chapter for me, I always start out by writing a list of goals I would like to achieve for the next 12 months. Every new age I turn I somewhat feel like I am achieving something out of life, whether it be a new career path or my studies. 

My teenage years have left a lot of emotion and pain but don't worry,  I am slowly moving forward with great support from friends, family and my loving partner.
Life is all about challenges and growing, without this how can we move forward and become the best version of ourselves.

Starting this blog has really opened myself up to expressing how I feel.
Happy Birthday to anyone in the world, who are sharing this special day together.

Here are a few photos of my friends and I celebrating my birthday.  

- Taylor x



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