Mecca Beauty Loop Level One 🖤

The Mecca Beauty Loop program is provided for us beauty lovers to enjoy free deluxe sized samples. Currently I am on level one and I am going to let you know my honest thoughts about each product I've received. To become a Beauty Loop member you need to have spent the minimum of $300 AUD in the first 12 months to move up to Level 1. From there, the more you spend in store and online you can move up to level 2 and 3. Level 3 is the most expensive level to achieve but also the best Beauty Loop box.

What did I receive in my Beauty Loop box?

By Terry Baume De Rose Lip Balm.
This smells absolutely beautiful! If you are into rose scents, you would love this. Although, if you are quite sensitive to rose and strong scents, you may want to give this product a miss. For the past couple of days I have trial this product just before bed time. Honestly I love how thick and creamy the consistency is and how hydrated my lips feel after each use. The past couple of weeks I've been struggling with cracked and dehydrated lips. We all know how uncomfortable this feels and looks, especially when you want to rock a beautiful lipstick. Now I must say, after owning many lip balms in my lifetime. Yes, I was known as the chap stick queen by my close friends because I would apply my chap stick on every second I could. By Terry lip balm is the most long-lasting lip balm I've tried! Overall, I give this a thumbs up!

Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer
I have already received this product from Mecca before. Not going to lie, I was pretty damn excited to be receiving this again. But then I thought, someone else could really enjoy this product as well. I decided to pass down the product to one of my best friends to enjoy. Overall, I love how this bronzer pays off on my face and gives me a beautiful bronze glow. I especially love using this in the summer and more so when I have a tan. Did you know this smells like chocolate? It's heavenly the smell and this really temps me into eating it. But don't worry I won't.

Kate Somerville Exfoliating treatment
Now this was a pretty intense treatment might I just say, but wow did my skin feel incredible after. While massaging this into skin, I almost felt like a tingling sensation. This felt amazing for my skin and I could feel how soft and cleansed my skin felt after. I loved how this exfoliated the dead skin and really bought my skin back to life. The next day my skin felt and looked amazing under and without make up. Would I purchase this? Hell yes!

Josie Maran Aragon Oil
Now I am going to be up front and honest here, I wasn't really looking forward to this product. As you may not know, I am very oily on the t-zone. I currently already own a face oil product for my face. However, I've found this was way too thick for my skin type. Although, I've found this to be perfect on my dry hair and which works too. My hair feels nourished and shiny after using the product. If you have really dry skin, I would recommend this to you. Would I purchase this myself?

This month I personally really enjoyed my Beauty Loop box and I can't wait for the next box to launch.

Please let me know your thoughts? Are they worth it?

Taylor Jade x



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