My Top 5 Beauty Must Haves!

Hello lovelies,

I feel everyone has their top 10 must haves everyone can't live without. After looking around in my bedroom for sometime now and wondering what should blog about next. The top 10 must have tag has been floating around the beauty blogger community and I thought why not share my version.

Right now I am currently loving.

1# Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base,
In my previous post you can read up about my thoughts and review about this product. I never actually leave the house without this product in my makeup bag.

2# Ole Hendrickson Vitamin C Serum.

This product is actually life, why? Because while back my skin wasn't having the greatest time of it's life. I know right, that's everyone's worst nightmare. But not to worry, this product was the main reason why my skin cleared up so beautifully.

This is the reason why I now avoid having those deep painful cystic pimples and scarring. I used get really deep pimples on my skin and this would leave me with terrible hyper pigmentation and scarring. The Vitamin C really fades my scaring and prevents future breakouts creating the same issue.

#3 Top Shop Black Loafers (Gucci Dupe?)

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing innTop Shop at my local mall and was on the hunt for new shoes. Top shop was currently having a clear out sale and I had a look at the sale shoe rack and found black Gucci look alike loafers.

I personally feel these are the most identical pair to Gucci I've seen so far in the market. Do you know what's better? When the lady scanned the shoes and they came down only to $10 AUD!!! Nothing is ever that cheap here, originally these shoes are $60-80. They are so comfortable to wear and I feel like I can wear them anywhere and not worry if they get destroyed. I've worn these almost everyday to work or if I want to dress up my casual outfit.

#4 Benefit Roller Lash

Recently I have cleared out my makeup collection and i've been wanting to give my other untouched mascaras ago. Here's a story behind my lash journey, I have very hard to curl straight black lashes. Usually even when I curled them they would just fall back into place no matter how hard I tried to keep them curled.

No waterproof mascara even worked. Last year I've actually have been getting lash lifts, I really believe this has changed my lashes for life. They last around 3 months and once they dropped I still feel my lashes are much more easier to curl then usual. Now back to the roller lash by Benefit. This is the only mascara on the market which curls and holds my lashes in place for the day. It's amazing right? The only mascara that has changed my life! I do believe getting the lash lifts in between has really helped but no other mascara has ever given me this affect.

If you have the same issue don't be afraid to give this mascara a chance. The mascara is more like a watery consistency and takes a little longer to dry, which I like because I can add more coats. Another positive note compare to benefit they're real is I can actually remove this mascara from my eyes easily without feeling like I'm pulling out my lashes.

5# Chapstick Night Repair Lip Treatment
Lastly my last holy grail is the Chapstick Night Repair lip treatment ointment, all thanks to @lauracurtis from YouTube. I watch Laura's videos and she would always rave about this lip treatment. Sometimes I get very dry and dehydrated lips and nothing I had would ever do the job. I decided to give this a go and I love this, all you do is place a small amount on your lips and go to sleep. Once you wake up, instantly your lips feel like a smooth baby's skin. It's kinda magical, but yes a little goes a long away. #laurencurtis

Here are all my top 5 products I can't live without at the moment, I hope you have a lovely week and please comment below if you have any holy grails you would like to share.

Taylor Jade xx

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