Spring festival season is approaching once again. Our most popular music festival events are Splendour in the Grass, The Falls and Beyond the Valley. Every year, my lovely friends and I try to attend at least one of the major music festivals. I don't know about you, but finding a stylish outfit every year is quite challenging. Are you struggling to find an outfit this year? Don't worry, I have you covered.

Instagram @ellagrattan (I'm on the far right)

My Backpack essentials to survive a Festival:
- Poncho (In case it rains, you don't want to be soaked do you?)
- Portable charger (The extra battery might come in handy, just trust me on this one)
- Snacks (Depending on the festival rules, I like to take myself a little protein bar. Food can be expensive)
- Mini sunscreen (Looking like a tomato isn't really a great look)
- Cash (I rather lose my cash, not my credit card)
- Phone (In case you get lost, take selfies with your friends)
- Tissue paper (Trust me the toilets are horrible, especially without toilet paper)
- ID (Depending on your festival, you will need id to by drinks if you are 18+)

Instagram @ellagrattan (I'm on the far right)
What i wore to Field Day 2017:

Below I've created a festival style collage to help you find inspiration. Music festivals are a time to express your own individual style or perhaps a new look. Just remember there is no rule of what you should and shouldn't wear. If you were to ask what would be my tips to survive a music festival. I would definitely say to invest in some comfy mud proof shoes and a good size backpack or cross-body bag to fit your essentials for the day.

Good luck! What are some of your essentials for a music festival?  - Taylor Jade

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