8 Week Challenge // I Quit Sugar! Why?

I 've decided to take on a challenge yesterday, I Quit Sugar with Sarah Wilson challenge. I am cutting out added sugar for 8 weeks. Why? The reason is that it's slowly killing us through many ways e.g. heart disease. For the past couple of months, I've noticed how fatigued I am and how much I am lacking in energy and motivation. I would try so hard to eat 'healthy' though the day and watch my diet by eating low-fat foods. However, I would indulge in sweets and lollies after dinner or through the day with friends.

I couldn't under stand why I was not losing weight easy and putting it back on. I thought it was the high fat from my diet. However, I've learnt from Sarah Wilson it's the sugar! This totally made sense to me. Everything almost contains added sugar or I would have an unnecessary amount of fruit, sweets, chocolate, soft drinks and juices.  

Another reason for wanting to quit sugar is because I felt unhappy and moody at times. My gut always feels bloated and unwell. When I am feeling down, I would turn to food to deal with my problems. I am looking forward to improving my lifestyle, diet and clean up my gut while dropping weight. 

As you are reading this I would be on the second day of my challenge. I am planning to write a blog post on my thoughts and progress every week. This way I can look back and reflect, and hopefully see an improvement in myself. 

Today I have received my recipe and shopping list. Tonight Mum and I are going food shopping and this should be interesting. I am kind of nervous about how my body is going to react. I am expecting the first couple of weeks are going to be tough. I am expecting to have no energy and feel tired on the first couple of weeks. I can't give in to my temptations. 

This is going to be a challenge, I need to follow 8 weeks of home made recipes and meal prep every day. Even if I am at work or not. I'm trying not to think of this like a diet because it's not! It's a lifestyle change to a successful healthy and happy life. If you would like to know more about the challenge. Please head over to Sarah's website to learn more. I am no expert, nor do I have the right amount of knowledge to let you know more about this lifestyle change. Sarah's website explains more in depth of the benefits of quitting sugar. 

Stay tuned for next week's post, I will let you know the changes and how I am feeling in every detail as possible.

Have you quit sugar? Please let me know down in the comments on your experience. 

- Taylor Jade x 



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