My Makeup Collection and Storage Ideas // 2017

I don't know about you, but my favourite videos to watch on YouTube are makeup collections and storage tips. My most popular Instagram post is makeup related. So I thought this would be the best time to show you all my Makeup Collection and Storage system. Before I show my collection, please do not feel you need to have a 'big' makeup collection. My makeup collection may be a little bigger than the average person. Trust me, this has taken me years to build up my collection lol.

Around 15 years old, when i was a young teenager. I was into makeup before everyone else and passionate about it. I used to be that girl, who would rock up to a Catholic High School with bright blue eyeshadow and dark black eyeliner. For some reason, I used to get away with this all the time at school. Sadly, the other girls didn't. This brought out the mean side of some girls at school and I was bullied for it. Although, I've had never gone overboard with my makeup. My makeup looked natural and not over done.

A few brands I started off with in my collection were Australis, Maybelline, Loreal and Essences. I was lucky enough to have a supportive Mum who cared for my creative side. She spoilt me with makeup and my first ever Mac brush set I got for Christmas. I still remember the day when I purchased my very first Mac 212 blender brush. Almost every single beauty guru on YouTuber including 'juicystar07' known as Blair Fowler who raved about this. 

Around the age of 18 years old, I applied for my very first job. I worked with Children in an After School Care Centre. And there it was, my very first pay check. After working a couple of weeks at the centre, I had just saved enough to buy my very first high-end makeup product. I bought the MAC studio fix powder in C3 and still today I love this product very much. 

As a teenager, I felt more comfortable with a little coverage without having to wear foundation. From there on, I grew my own makeup collection till today. I was lucky enough to receive makeup from my family and friends on special occasions. I finally can say I no longer purchase the same amount of makeup as I used to. I've set myself a goal to use up the makeup I currently own and not to purchase anything until I am low of that category e.g. mascara. Although I still allow gifts and birthdays beauty products into my collection haha. 

My storage drawers are the Alex drawers from IKEA $299 AUD. They contain nine drawers and come in different sizes. I storage my makeup in the first six drawers and the last few draws contains hair and skincare products. 

Here it is, my current 2017 Makeup Collection and Storage system.

How do I keep my makeup tidy and organised? Try to invest in multiple storage containers. I bought mine from Bunnings Warehouse and Kmart for no more than $6.00 AUD each. Each drawer has different products which related to each other. My first draw contains brow, mascara and single eyeshadow products. Then my second draw contains blusher, highlighters, bronzers and etc. If you have a tidy storage system going on, you're more likely to see your products better.

I bought a mix of small and larger storage containers to fit certain products in. I love the small containers for mascara, lipsticks, lip glosses, bronzers and eyeliners. They all fit perfectly inside, the large containers are perfect for foundations, powders, large palettes and etc. Now for your makeup brushes, you can get always with almost anything to store them in. Currently I use a IKEA copper pencil holder for mine. Look around, almost anything can be a makeup brush holder.

What are your favourite ways to store your makeup? Comment down below.

- Taylor Jade x

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