August Favourites // Sugar-free Lifestyle Update Ft. Zoella Beauty

Hello lovelies, Happy Spring! and I'm sorry for the lack of posts again from last week. Life has been pretty hectic with work and college. Also, my social life has been pretty busy. Although I have enjoyed my precious time with my partner before he goes back to work.

August has been a tough month, this means my skin needed extra care. I'm still in the detoxing stage of my sugar-free diet. This means no sugar and fruit for three weeks. I've been eating very clean and I have around seven to nine servings of fruit along with the red and white meat. I'll have to post a what I eat in a day for you, and you can see what foods I am eating.

Moving on, here are a couple of my favourites during the month of August.

1. Zoella Beauty Gelat'eau Body Mist
Oh, my I am addicted to this! Every I use this it reminds me of a mango gelato ice cream. No joke I'm going to have to get a back up of this. I am super impressed by the lasting power. Body mists are usually not the same strength as a perfume. This might as well replace all of my summer perfumes. I love to take this on the go with me because of its perfect size. If I could recommend a sweet and fresh summer fragrance scent, this is defiantly one of my top picks. I would love to try out more from the collection.

2. Mecca Lip De-Luscious Treatment 
Dry lips have been a huge problem for me during the winter month. I have terribly dry bottom lips and cracked lips. Can you imagine how painful this is, and uncomfortable. I was desperate to find a good nourishing lip balm and heal my cracked lips. I've heard amazing things about the mecca lip treatment, this contains shea butter and vitamin E. I've heard vitamin E is amazing for its healing powers. Before I go to bed, I love to use a generous amount on my lips and the next morning my lips feel amazing.

3. Ole Hendricksen Truth Serum
I have oily to combination skin and I prefer to use a good serum instead of moisturiser. The Truth serum contains vitamin C and this has helped clear up my past acne scarring and blemishes. I love the way this sinks into my skin and feels light weight. Almost like you are not wearing anything at all. I always recommend this to my friends and family who are looking to clear up their acne mask and clear up their skin. I've repurchased this a couple of times now and I will continue to do so.

4. Witchery Suede Boots
My pair of favourite shoes this month are the Witchery Samika Boots. They are made out of 100% suede leather and perfect for a casual or work wear outfit. I love how they fit on my feet since I have trouble finding shoes for my small and wide feet. These gorgeous shoes feature a silver hardware on the boot heel and I love pairing these a long with silver jewellery and clothes containing silver. Witchery is hands down my go to for my clothes, shoes and accessories.

4. Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette
How stunning is this palette right? This palette is my go to for an easy pink and a bronzed glow. Now that we are heading into spring, I've been using this palette a lot more. This contains a beautiful bronzed shade, rose gold highlight, peach highlight and a pink coral blush.

What were your favourites during the month of August? I would love to know in the comments down below.  - TT xxx



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