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Good Morning lovelies! I hope everyone is doing well. Today's blog is something a little different from my usual posts. I've seen a lot of Bloggers and YouTubers post their 'What I Eat In A Day' blog/vlog. One of my close friends told me to blog and talk about what I eat in a day. She was interested to see what I eat on a typical sugar-free diet daily.

Breakfast: Eggs & Bacon on Sourdough with Spinach

This morning I woke up late for the first time in weeks lol. So I put together a bigger breakfast than usual as I tend to be more hungry at this time of day. I had made myself eggs and bacon on sourdough toast with bacon and spinach on the side. Usually, I rather have avocado instead of the bacon but I needed to substitute the 'fats' so I opted for bacon instead. My breakfast tends to be high in good fats, carbs and protein. As I am on a sugar-free diet, my body can break down fats much better than sugar. Sugar turns straight into fat and it's harder for the body to digest :O.  If you would like to know more please visit the I Quit Sugar website.

2 Eggs
2 Small bacon pieces
2 Very thin slices of 100% rye sourdough

Lunch: Beef and Veggie Lasagna

This is properly one of my favourite meals from the program, as you might know, I am Italian and I love my pasta's lol. Instead of your 'traditional' cheesy lasagna, this contains no white sauce and no tomato sauce from a bottle. Everything about this dish is made from scratch and far better for your stomach to digest.  I love serving mine with a dash of parmesan cheese on top along with salt and pepper to taste.

Lasagna sheets
Fresh tomatoes
Minced meat
Parmesan cheese

Dinner: Beef Ragu with Polenta

Omg, this was extremely delicious! Wow, the flavours were so rich and the meal gave me that comfort feeling. Every week on the program is different, this week our meals had a lot of protein, red and white meat. The following week tends to have more vegetable-based dishes with very little red meat or white meat. I am currently on Week 6 of the program and while you are reading this I will be on the first day of Week 7.  Woo Hoo! One more week to go and I am so proud of myself of how far I have come and controlled my sugar cravings.

In case you're wondering why I haven't mentioned any 'snacks' at all. You might be thinking you're crazy eating three meals a day? Actually, I love having a snack during the day to satisfy me till dinner. Although in this case the past two days I have been at home and I have found these meals have kept me full until my next meal.  If I were to have a snack, I love snacking on the Peckish crackers and they have less than 1 gram of sugar in 100 grams. Another healthy option is homemade hummus and carrot sticks.

Beef stock

What are your favourite low sugar meals to have during the day?  - TT xx



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