A Bloggers Christmas Wish List!

I can't believe we are 58 days away from Christmas! Where has the year gone? I love to see what other people are wishing for Christmas each year. Mmm might sound noisy, but it actually gives me the best ideas sometimes. I love Christmas time, the time where I can spoil my friends and family with lovely gifts to brighten their Christmas morning. Oh, and I can't forget about the delicious Christmas food.

Lucky for me, I love celebrating Christmas with my partner's family and my own. Two Christmas in one day! How lucky am I?  Some of you may be interested to see my list of items I would love to have for Christmas. Keep in mind I not ever except any of these items or even one. It's almost a Christmas wishlist to myself, so one day I can spoil myself with one of these.

What is something you would love to have for Christmas? What are you looking forward to on Christmas day? Please let me know down below in the comment section. - TT x



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