The Perfect Luxury Suitcase // Review: Antler Juno Suitcase

Yesterday morning I woke up to the sound of the doorbell and there it was a parcel. The parcel was left at the front of my door. Finally, my suitcase had arrived. I have waited around one week for its arrival. 

This is one of my most expensive suitcases I have ever bought for myself. Myer online had a half-yearly sale with extra 20% off. I've heard many good reviews online about the brand Antler. So I thought why not and splurge.

I purchased the Antler Juno Medium Suitcase in monochrome white. The Juno is made out of polypropylene shell, this is very durable and tough. The medium-sized case has a 70-litre capacity and measures 68 x 46 x 26 cm. I love the aesthetics of the suitcase, it's really a luxury suitcase and it feels amazing. The suitcase also features 360-degree rotating wheels and built-in TSA combination lock.

Antler Juno offers consumers a 10-year warranty and yet a simple and effective suitcase for the modern consumer looking for a sturdy hard case suitcase.

What do I love about the Antler Juno Suitcase?

  1. Polypropylene shell, this is tough and durable.
  2. 70-litre capacity, I have a decent amount of space for my personal items. 
  3. Built-in TSA combination lock, no more losing my keys to my lock.
  4. Covered by 10-year warranty.
  5. 360-degree rotating wheels gives you manoeuvrability. 
  6. Aesthetic appeal
  7.  Lightweight, only weighing 3.3 kg. 
I am yet to really put this to the test when I go traveling in a couple of months. My first impressions are based on the feel and the size of the suitcase. I have tested the suitcase by over packing to it's fullest potential. If you like I can do a What I pack into my suitcase blog post?

Would I repurchase this? Yes, I actually just ordered the cabin sized version because I am completely in love with my medium sized suitcase.

Where can I purchase this in Australia or International?

 - Australia links below:
Antler | Juno CABIN Spinnercase White 56cm | Myer Online
Antler | Juno Medium Spinnercase White 68cm | Myer Online

- International, USA links below:

What are some of your favourite suitcases? Comment below. 



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