My Valentine’s Day // Outfit Ideas

Happy early Valentine’s Day my loves,

Hopefully, you may have the chance to read this blog post before Valentine’s Day. I thought by sharing my outfit and makeup look, this might help you to come up with an idea on what to wear and how to do your makeup. I’ll also include a look-book below on a few outfit ideas as well.

My Valentines Day happened a couple of days earlier, due to my partner is leaving for work a couple of days before. We went to a beautiful park that means to us and had a delicious picnic. I made a sugar free strawberry moose cake and a cheese platter.

I was originally planned to wear red lipstick for makeup, but I thought this may have clashed with the outfit choice. Here’s a couple of photos below of my day out at the park and makeup ideas.

I hope you all have a special Valentine’s Day and remind your loved one how much they mean to you.   - TT x



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