Review: Marc Jacobs The Wild One Palette

I may be a little late on this gorgeous palette by Marc Jacobs 'The Wild One'. How beautiful is their packaging right? I personally love the luxurious look and feel. I own one of their mini eyeshadow palettes, and they never seem to disappoint when it comes to their pigmentation. Each eyeshadow contains 0.56 oz and holds 20 limited edition shades. My initial thought, when I first saw the palette is how perfect the colour selection is. You have your cool, natural and warm tone shades. This is the perfect palette to take a daytime look to night time. The Wild One will be my go-to for 2018, and I can't wait to see what Marc Jacobs has installed this year. 

Swatches below: 
(Shade names from left to right)

(funny bunny, hens party, chameleon, lion's share, nest egg, wild elephant, early bird, sheepish, nine lives, paper tiger)

(crows nest, cat call, bearish, free bird, foxy, pea-cocky, bull's eye, dog and pony, catfight, golden fleece)

Pigmentation: This surprised me, and it's amazing. The matte shades blend like a dream, and the shimmer and glitter shades apply beautifully. The overall pigmentation I am very happy and I would give this 8/10 rating.

Wear: It stays on the eyes beautifully, with the glitter shades you may want to use a primer for a long-lasting effect.

Application: Best to apply to the eyes with a synthetic brush when it comes to the matte, shimmer and glitter shades on the lid. However, a normal brush will do when using the shades to the crease. For a more intense payoff use a wet brush to apply the shimmer and glitter shades.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Will you be purchasing one? - TT x

Disclaimer - All of my reviews are 100% honest, this was not gifted by Marc Jacobs nor anyone. Just an average girl reviewing her own makeup for fun. The link above is an affiliate link. 



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