Summer Essentials 2018

Hey Lovely,

It's that time of the year again, summer is my favourite season of the year when it comes to the weather and activities. While I was on my cruise awhile back, I had realised I always needed to bring my essentials with me everywhere. So I thought why not create a blog post containing the favourites I use frequently.

Tigerlily Swimwear:

Tigerlily is my go-to swim brand, not only their sizes are on point but their designs are so cute. I currently own two different styles by them, a red and blue pair. You can never go without your swimmers in the summertime, so I always pack myself a pair when I am out for an adventure.

Ralph Lauren Perfume:

Ralph by Ralph Lauren is my go-to summer scent, and you will never see me without this in my purse. I love the way this makes me smell, it has notes of apple leaf and mandarin. If you are looking for a floral fruity perfume, this may be the one for you.

Minetan Dark Ash Tan:

This may sound crazy, I almost buy every self-tanner on the market. Then I will swatch them together on my leg and then decide my top two. I will compare their longevity, darkness and colour. So far Minetan did not seem to disappoint, the colour and darkness of this self-tanner are truly amazing. If you are light olive skin and have trouble finding a fake tan to enhance your skin tone without a red or orange tone.This is the self-tanner for you.

Secret Deodorant:

Let's talk about personal hygiene and how important it is, lol. I'm getting personal here, but am I the only one who has trouble with wet underarms due to stress, and possibly my body heat. I have found many deodorants on the Australian market not working for me. They either leave me dry, but it doesn't control your scent or they leave you smelling great and wet. I can never win with deodorant and find I have to change mine every week or two so my body wouldn't get used to it.

So you may be wondering who is Secret. Unfortunately, to my Australian readers, this is an American based deodorant from the states. This is the only deodorant keeping me dry and leaves a nice scent for hours.

Polaroid Instant Camera:

It's great for taking instant photos on the go, or if you would like to keep a cute printed memory. My favourite way to showcase them is by hanging them on a piece of LED string and use mini pegs.

Urban Decay Setting Spray:

My holy grail setting spray, this keeps my makeup in place all day without moving. You don't need a full face of makeup to use this. Another favourite way is to use it after applying concealer and setting powder, and this controls my oils. I have two backups in my makeup draw right now, this is how obsessed I am.

GoPro Hero 5:

Its compact size is ideal for travelling and for photos. This is my most recent purchase and so impressed with the video and photo quality. The GoPro is waterproof and great to capture memories. Sometimes I rather take the GoPro to vlog and capture photos if I can't take a bigger camera.

Disclaimer - All products mention were purchased by me, and this is not sponsored. 



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