Tips for Surviving Job Loss/Redundancy

To be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to writing about my recent job loss. It's so easy to get caught up in the real world and I thought this would have happened anytime soon. Last night was one of those nights I couldn't sleep, the thought of not having a job or an income daunts me.The anxiety, trying to hold back my tears so hard because I wanted to look strong and not defeated. I had only found out yesterday afternoon my life was about to change unexpectedly.
Let's just say this was a push for me to leave and I needed it, It's probably the best thing to happen to be honest. For the past 14 months, every other morning was the same. This morning I woke up wondering what's my next step in life? Should I start looking for another job? Should I take time to recover from the emotions of redundancy? Should I just focus on my studies for the time being? Ah, so many questions circling around my head. This morning I took the time to self-reflect on myself and thought of couple ideas on how to move past redundancy.
Here are a couple of tips I found to survive redundancy and move forward.
  1. Take a deep breath.
    Start taking deep breaths, this will let you feel more at peace with yourself. Sometimes we need to take the time out and to focus on meditation and breathing. This is a great way to avoid going into panic mode or by helping yourself through an episode.
  2. Accept redundancy.
    This is a hard one, I know it's hard not to blame yourself. It's not you, it's the company lost. I know in my case this is a blessing in disguise. I knew it was time to eventually move on but in this case, the timing wasn't ideal. One day you may be looking back to this day with a smile on your face. Everything happens for a reason.
  3. Check your finances.
    The thought of debt and no income is daunting. Make sure to plan out your finances and check if you are able to pay off the debt owed to the bank. It's never good to come along this later when money is really tight for money. In my case, I have paid off money that is owed and left myself a very limited amount and the rest into savings.
  4. Think about your future.
    At some point during the process, you will need to think about your future. Now don't go falling into the trap of hesitation. This is never beneficial for your mental health. Trust me, staying in your room crying with comfort food isn't going to make anything better. However, you can start planning your next step. This may be creating a resume and job searching.

  5. Build networking.
    Go ahead and create or fix up your LinkedIn account, this is ideal for developing connections in the industry you want to pursue. You never know an employer may recognize your profile and urge you to consider their job offer. Don't be afraid to ask around for some help, you never know someone may be able to find you a job. Sign up for other job-seeking websites like Seek and Indeed for my Australian readers.

  6. Pursue confidence in yourself.
    Gain back the confidence you had in yourself, this means by not putting yourself down. Apply for a couple of positions and go for interviews. By the time you have a couple of interviews, you have regained your confidence. I find I can achieve a healthy mindset by exercising and eating healthy and this will benefit yourself and have a positive mindset.
  7. It's okay to ask for help. 
    It is okay to ask for help from family and friends. This may be someone who could look over your resume. Ask for advice on how to get over redundancy and how to move forward. Talk to someone about your feelings and don't bottle it up. Good friends will be there for you to listen and help when you are going through a rough time, as well as your family. That's what family and good friends are there for.
  8. Achieve your happiness.
    Find happiness within yourself, and figure out what you are passionate about. A hobby is a great way to find your self and to express. Try to keep yourself busy with family and friends. If you are finding it difficult to find happiness, please go talk to a professional. My personal way of finding my own happiness and freedom is by getting creative, this means painting, writing and creating ideas. My last tip is to make sure to keep positive people in your life, these are the people who want to invest in you as well. Having a negative cloud surrounding you is never good, take the time to decide what is weighing you down if you are finding a hard time to find happiness around your peers. 
I promise you will see the light, today may not be your day either like mine. But we have to move forward to achieve our goals. This is just the start of your career, and there is so much more to offer and waiting for you.

If you have or are experiencing something similar to me, please comment below on your tips on surviving and moving forward.

Much love, TT



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